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Amika 3d Volume and Thickening Shampoo 300ml
-20% Off

Amika 3d Volume and Thickening Shampoo weightless shampoo deeply cleanses and plumps from roots to ends for maximum success and healthier-looking hair every time you use it thanks to redensyl.

Amika Dream Routine Hair Mask 100ml
-13% Off

An overnight hair treatment mask with hyaluronic acid that increases moisture for 72 hours and results in 3x more hydrated hair in the morning.

Amika Hydro Rush Conditioner 275ml
-6% Off

Amika Hydro Rush Conditioner Enriched with hyaluronic acid and squalane, this hydrating conditioner drench hair with 3x more hydration and long-lasting moisture.

Amika Hydro Rush Shampoo 275ml
-16% Off

Amika hydro rush shampoo with hyaluronic acid and squalane, this hydrating shampoo gently cleanses and drench hair with 3 times more hydration. Shampoo + conditioner clinically tested when used as a system.

Amika Perk Up Plus Dry Shampoo 200ml
-10% Off

Perk Up Plus Extended Clean Dry Shampoo extends the time between washes while preventing greasy-looking buildup, preventing unwanted odors, and absorbing oil directly into the roots.

Amika The Wizard Silicone-Free Detangling Primer 150ml
-14% Off

Meet the first step in every hair care routine: a lightweight, multi-benefit priming spray that detangles, reduces blow-dry time, and protects against thermal and environmental damage. Leaves hair smooth, soft and radiant.

Amika Water Sign Hydrating Hair Oil 50ml
-6% Off

Hydrated hair is in your future. This silicone-free treatment oil instantly reduces frizz and breakage, while boosting shine and protecting against heat up to 450°F. Remember, little by little you go far! Clinically tested.

Amika On Lock High Hold Hair Wax 50ml
-25% Off

This high-hold wax has a buildable formula and is ideal for styling short hair, braids, or sleek ponies. Workable High Hold On lock keeps hairstyles in place and at the same time has a flexible feeling consistency that makes it easy to work on the hair.

Amika Mirrorball Shampoo 1L
-23% Off

Get shiny hair from all angles. This antioxidant-rich shampoo increases shine by 45% and removes 57% of pollution buildup that would otherwise block shiny, healthy hair.

Amika Mirrorball Conditioner 1000ml
-20% Off

An antioxidant-rich conditioner that boosts shine, removes pollution build-up and adds moisture, while protecting color intensity.

Amika Hydro Rush Mask 500ml
-9% Off

Dry Hair? It's Time to Take Five. Soak Your Strands with This Moisturizing Mask with Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid, Clinically Proven to Leave Hair Hydrated for 5 Days Straight. Leaves Hair Hydrated for 5 Days in A Row, 5 Times Easier to Comb and 5 Times More Hydrated* After One Use.