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Beard Growth Oil

Beard Growth Oil


BrandIntechra Health
Item FormOil
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Beard Growth Oil For Faster Beard Growth Now In Pakistan

Beard deserves attention, not stress. We realized a lot of our brothers are stressed with beard growth problems, and we took it as our own. We searched and found a breakthrough molecule that helps boost hair growth. Redensyl works on the hair follicle stem cells and promotes hair growth. We mixed it with 8 natural oils renowned for hair health and also empowered it with Vitamin E.


Backed by the research team and not by the marketing team, this product is what you always looked for. Redensyl, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Acai Berry Oil, Olive Oil, Gooseberry Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil, Vitamin-E form a Beard Bro gang that fights all your beard growth worries.

How Does Beard Growth Oil Works?

Our product is natural and of high quality. The cold-pressed Beard Growth Oil In Lahore comes from TOP locations from all over the United States. Your beard will be the softest and best you've ever had. Tens of thousands of users around the world have had great success with our Beard growth oil.

 Is Beard Growth Oil safe?

Yes, if the beard growth Oil is used according to the instructions, you will see that this 100% natural product is very safe. As with any cosmetic product, you must always do a skin test before use. We recommend that you first use a small amount to get used to the product and then you can use more. These support a healthy beard. The ingredients include, but are not limited to Tri-blends or carrier oils, Multi Blend or pure cold-pressed essential oils, and 3 conditioner oils.


Beard Growth Oil Price In Lahore | Beard Growth Oil Price In Pakistan Almost all users see positive results within 3 full weeks of use. With daily use, this lasts for at least 21 days. Some say it works earlier, but 95% of the average user sees results after 21 days. One bottle will last approximately 1-2 months. It is 50ml total. Use 3-5 drops daily, and you will see that you can use the bottle for 45-60 days. This product is not for intake but for your skin.

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