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Bio Aqua Secret Part Whitening Cream

Bio Aqua Secret Part Whitening Cream


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Bio Aqua Secret Part Whitening Cream Original Price In Pakistan

Bio Aqua Secret Part Whitening Cream- Get Pink Privates Parts is an all-natural ingredient that has been specially formulated to help get rid of skin discoloration that can be on or around your intimate, sensitive, and more private areas. It can improve the brightless lips and skin to more bright. Apply to Lip and private parts  Natural pigments plant material. After using 3 days , dull color fade out, after 7 days lips and skin generally magic pink up. Using high-tech biological extraction technology to extract the pure plant factor in cherry cherry anthocyanin, color white,crystal clear, gently paint, and new human skin and have excellent strength, rapid activation of the lips, areola, nipple,thigh and body of any one of the subcutaneous blood pigment self-synthesis, and unimpeded circulation, drain away the black pigment deposition, so that the paint on the skin at 1 minute Nenhong a natural pink lip.

Use method:

Sooner or later, after the bath, take the appropriate applied in the nipple and areola and other parts, painted red to where to go,usually in about 2 minutes of onset, due to activation of blood circulation faster, will feel a mild tingling, this is a normal activity of the role of a normal pharmacological response, not an allergic reaction, one will be automatically eliminated, but some people do not feel too obvious, according to the skin's individual differences.
Gently massage for about one minute, that rosy, slight fever and other phenomena, which proved effective ingredients at play, so to promote blood circulation, the continued use of 5-7 days to regain the pink, rosy, soft; giving brand new feeling.


  • 100 % Natural ingredients
  • All Skin Types
  • Lighten Sensitive Parts
  • Brighten Skin Discoloration
  • No Side Effects


  • Bio Aqua Private Part Whitening Cream- Brighten skin while you soothe, soften and condition. Natural moisturizers and antioxidants condition skin and prevent irritation..
  • FADE SKIN DISCOLORATION – Correct excess pigmentation caused by tanning, hormones or hair removal. Get an even skin tone. Fade blemishes, birthmarks, age spots and scars..
  • SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN – Use Secret Bright anywhere you need gentle lightening: Underarms, bikini, inner thighs, anal areas and other intimate regions!.
  • NO IRRITATION OR REDNESS – Our safe, gentle formula uses no harsh bleaching agents, fragrances, dyes or perfumes. We only use natural, plant-based skin brighteners..
  • FAST ACTING, FAST ABSORBING FORMULA – Secret Bright dries quickly and leaves no greasy residue. Gentle formula can be applied twice per day for brightening results in just weeks..
  • Imported from USA .


Use it as lip gloss or lighten private part everyday, 2 to 3 days a time. Before use, Clean the dull skin part, then apply a thin layer on, 1 or 2 times a day.

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