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Chloroform 100ml

Chloroform 100ml


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Chloroform 100ml Imported From The USA Now In Pakistan

Chloroform was formerly used as an inhaled anesthetic during the surgery, however, the main use of chloroform in the USA industry is as a solvent. Around the globe, chloroform is also used in pesticide formulations, as a solvent for fats, oils, rubber, alkaloids, waxes, and resins, as a cleansing agent, grain fumigant, in fire extinguishers, and in the rubber industry.  It is used as a solvent in organic chemistry, in photography and in making dyes, drugs and pesticides. Chloroform 100ml

Chloroform Is Used As A Solvent

It is not illegal to have laboratory-grade chloroform in America. According to U.S. regulations, it is legal to buy chloroform online from Lab Alley.  Chloroform should be used with extreme caution because it can be harmful and fatal in someone who is exposed to extremely large doses for an extended period of time. As of September of 2019, most of the chloroform sold by Lab Alley in the United States is used in homes, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and laboratories to manufacture botanical oils, nutritional and dietary supplements, and other chemicals. Chloroform-assisted phenol extraction is a popular application of chloroform in the USA.  It is useful for the extraction, separation, and purification of alkaloids of pharmaceutical importance from plant materials. It is also a reagent for certain chemical reactions.

Chloroform is a volatile chlorinated organic solvent whose vapors have a narcotic effect. Due to its light sensitivity, it may undergo degradation with time. This can be suppressed by adding ethanol as a stabilizer. The addition will increase the polarity of the solvent and potentially impact certain applications.


Chloroform has been used as a solvent for dissolving lipids and also as a cleansing agent. It may also be used in the solvent extraction process and also for recrystallization.


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