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Excel Power 14000 Delay Spray Available Online in Pakistan

Excel Power 14000 Delay Spray Available Online in Pakistan


BrandVIP Vitamine
QuantityOne Spray Bottle
DeliveryFree(2-3 Business Days Require)
Offer2 Box Rs4000




Excel Power 14000 Delay Spray Available Online in Pakistan

Excel Power 14000 Delay Spray extended sex time, external, non-toxic no side effects. The persons who have only 2 or 4 minutes sex time, they can enhance their sex time 2-3 hrs after use of this liquid. Specially use for you and your sex partners satisfaction.Highly effective long time spray for men, easy to use and no side effect. Apply to front of penis before 15-20 minutes and then enjoy for long time. Very good spray for those who have only 3-4 minutes sex time Prolongs X excitement

  • Lessen Sensitivity During Intercourse
  • Prevent Premature Ejaculation
  • Powerful Hold For Long Time

How To Use:

Use 15 minutes before intercourse. Wash your penis 1st. Apply 3 short sprays on penis 1st on the top of penis, 2nd on the center of penis & 3rd on below part of penis.  The best way to use Excel Power 14000 Delay Spray. Step 1 Apply 3 or more sprays but no more than 10 to the head and shaft of your penis. Everyone’s se sensitivity levels are different so start small and gradually work your way up the dosage that’s best for you. And no, you do not need to be fully erect when applying Spray. Step 2 Rub it in a small circle until it’s completely absorbed into the skin. Or better yet, start the foreplay early and ask your partner to do it. Protip; do not rub it all over the area. Step 3 Now the Spray is absorbed into the skin, wait ten minutes for it to take effect before intercourse. Since you have 10 minutes, now might be a good time to focus on your partner. After all if you’re using Spray you already care about her sexual needs. So use this time to up your foreplay game. Once you’ve had 10 minutes of foreplay fun, you’re all set to start intercourse. Three steps is all it takes to use Excel Power 14000 Delay Spray and give 100% in Bed.

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