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GlutaMAX Soap With Glutathione Original Price In Pakistan

GlutaMAX Soap With Glutathione- Creating a Glutathione Herbal Cleaning Soap A Way to Make Glutathione Natural Cleaning Soap 1 In Recent Times, a Number of Men and Women Wish that They Had Fairer or Whiter Skin—an Aspiration that Has to Turn out To Be a Great Driving Pressure for The Fitness, Splendor, and Wellbeing Enterprise.

GlutaMAX Soap With Glutathione Original Price

Glutathione Is Found in Almost All Dwelling Cells and Has the Distinction of Being Able to Adjust the Movement of The So-Known as “lesser Antioxidants.†No Matter Its Well-Known Health Blessings, But, Many Humans Remain Extremely Hesitant to Take Glutathione Orally. They Could as A Substitute Follow It Directly on Their Skin—therefore Giving Upward Push to Much Glutathione-Containing Merchandise for Outside Use, Specially Bathing Cleaning Soap. Leng Avenue, Soap-Making Lecturer at ESF Desserts and Bread Residence, Considers This Example About Glutathione a Very Good Commercial Enterprise Opportunity. She Consequently Recommends Going Into the Making of Herbal Tub Soaps Blended with Glutathione as A Startup Home-Based Industry.

GlutaMAX Soap With Glutathione Benefits:

Benefits of GlutaMAX Lightening Soap GlutaMAX strives to bring innovative nutraceutical products to market that deliver solutions for aesthetic needs. The GlutaMAX Lightening Soap provides the following benefits: - 60gm bar. - Premium skin lightening product formulated by experts using advanced technologies to safely provide maximum results. - Powerful whitening from Glutathione. Mild exfoliating texture sweeps away rough patches and dead skin cells to reveal fresh, fair skin. - Gently lightens uneven skin tone and discoloration while revitalizing and restoring the youthful vibrancy of your skin. - Visible results in as few as 4 weeks of continuous use. Maximum results achieved after 12 weeks. - Signature GlutaMAX fragrance for a refreshing cleansing experience. GlutaMAX was developed by renowned dermatologist Dr. Isabel Lopez-Nazal after finding that no existing products were meeting her clients' needs. The demand for her products quickly exceeded her ability to make them, and GlutaMAX was born.


60 Ml. Titanium Dioxide 60 Ml. Sodium Silicate Three Ml. Anti-Bacterial Liquid Three Ml. Preservative (phenoxy Ethanol) 60 Ml. Moisturizer (Castor Oil) 60 Ml. Cocodiethanolamide (idea), 60 Ml. Kamias Extract (Averrhoa Bilimbi) Three.2 Liters Lye Solution (caustic Soda) 60 Ml. Evaporated Milk 6 Kg. Coconut Oil (cooking Oil) 12 Computers Glutathione Drugs A Hundred Ml. Perfume 60 Ml. Apple Extract Four Liters Distilled Water


• glutathione Soap • imported • whitening Soap • 75 Gm Soap • apply & Massage for 30 Second and Wash

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