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Hand Point Diagnosis And Treatment Set Now In Pakistan

Hand Point Diagnosis And Treatment Set Now In Pakistan


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Item FormHand Point Set
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Hand Point Diagnosis And Treatment Set Now In Pakistan

Hand Point Diagnosis And Treatment Set Based On The Theory Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian And Holographic Biology, Hand Point Diagnostic And Therapeutic Set Adopts The Latest Non-inductive Detection Technology To Detect The Health Condition Of Each Part Of The Body. Through Stimulate And Dredge The Acupuncture Points, It Stimulates The Body's Own Energy, Promotes Blood Circulation, Improves The Body's Nervous System, But Also Can Make The "Junk" In The Body Get Fast Metabolism, Thus Achieve The Effect Of Detecting, Treating, Enhancing Organism Immunity And Preventing And Treating Various Diseases. Hand Points Diagnostic & Treatment machine HCT-1E which combines traditional Chinese medical science and modern technology, can diagnose your health condition, find the potential disease in advance! Effective acupuncture treatment without the needles-soothes stress and discomfort! It's your "little home doctor", who you can take along with everywhere!

Hand Point Diagnosis And Treatment Set Diagnosis Functions:

Every Human Being Has Bio Eletric Current In Body.the Bio Electric Current On Plam Which Stands For Different Body Parts Or Organs Reflects The Health Status Of The Person.with Sophisticated Electronic Circuitry, The Detective Pen Can Assist User To Diagnose Their Health Condition Accurately And Find The Potential Disease In Advance Through The Acupuncture Points On The Palm.normally The Person Only Feel Little Electric Current On Palm While Sub-health And Sick People Feel Pain To Various Degrees Correspondingly.young Females Are More Sensitive In Pain Feeling. Besides The Ammeter Indicates Usful Health Status. There Will Be 3 Ranges In The Ammeter, from -20, -10, -5,0, to + 5.when Needle Indicator Pointing To -10 Means "Point Of Datum Inductance Reaction" ---- ready To Start Checking; when The Needle Indicator Pointing To -5 Means "The Focus Of Infection" ---- A Central Point Or Locus Of An Infection In An Organism; when Needle Indicator Pointing To 0 Means "Illness"

Hand Point Diagnosis And Treatment Set Use Method

Wear It On The Chest; It Should Take Your Skin Detection Pool Can Be Touch To Any Finger. Use For A Minimum Of Six Hours


Different Human Bodies Have Different Electrostatic Values, So They Have Different Maximum Tolerable Electric Current Values That The Machine Applies To Them During Diagnose And Treatment. Users Can Adjust The Electric Current Values Of The Machine According To Their Body Conditions.

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