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Intimate Lightening Vaginal Gel 40ml Original Price In Pakistan

Intimate Lightening Vaginal Help Our intimate whitening lightening product prevents itching, Reduces Dryness ,Acts as a moisturizer,gives whitening, Effective wash maintains pH 4.5 removes foul smell. Decreases Intimacy Inhibition . Vigini intimate feminine wash for women scores over Intimate Whitening lightening serum as wash cleanses and removes dead cells gives a feeling of cleanliness around intimate area.Unlike intimate lightening cream which stays on the longer duration on the skin. Intimate whitening lightening wash gel gives a clean bright feel of Intimate area. Enriched with natural active ingredients for Intimate whitening and Intimate lightening with balanced pH helps maintains hygiene, prevents infection, burning sensation & maintains odour free V. Intimate wash for women provides Intimate Whitening Lightening

Intimate Lightening Vaginal Gel 40ml Benefits:

  • 100% Natural Actives organic herbal, No Colors added, Paraben Free, Sulphate free, Mineral Oil Free , Hypoallergenic, Non Carcinogenic
  • Non itching as in intimate Lightening serum cream, Non sticky as intimate Whitening serum cream ,Intimate Lightening wash contains natural actives to lighten color by reducing hyper pigmentation & restores natural color. Does not stain clothes as Intimate lightening cream serum, No itching unlike Intimate whitening cream.serum Washable unlike Intimate lightening cream serum, Non sticky as in Intimate whitening cream serum.
  • Vaginal lightening Intimate wash cleanses Intimate Part, prevents itching & discomfort, removes foul smell. Decrease Intimacy Inhibition and boosts self confidence. Enriched with natural ingredients for whitening & balanced pH helps maintain youthfulness and hygiene.
  • Antiseptic properties prevents infection, burning sensation & maintains odour free vagina. Vigini whitening wash is suitable for all skin type.

Intimate Vaginal Lightening Gel Features:

  • Doesn't block pores
  • Long lasting results
  • Can be safely used on all private areas
  • Doesn't contain any harmful chemicals
  • Hyper-pigmented areas show permanent results

How To Use Intimate Vagianl Gel:

First the area should be cleansed with soap and water, and then exfoliated with a loofah or sponge. This helps to remove any dead skin at the surface and allows the product to contact the fresh area and pat dry. Apply the gel in a thin layer over the area desired to be whiten. Allow the gel to fully dry before dressing or application of other products. Repeat Process twice a day.


Cucumber, Aloe Vera extract, Tea Tree oil, Goose Berry Ext. Algo white Lumiflora Peony, Basil Leaves, Tea tree oil and Lactic Acid. Can be used with Intimate wipes ,Best Intimate wash for Woman Intimate Lightening , Intimate whitening, Non sticky, Non staining as other intimate lightening products or intimate whitening whitening products.

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