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Listerine Mouth Wash Cool Mint Buy In Pakistan From USA

Listerine Mouth Wash Cool Mint Buy In Pakistan From USA


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Listerine Mouth Wash Cool Mint In Pakistan

Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash is a germ killer that gives 24-hour protection. that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. It is the only antimicrobial mouthwash to receive the ADA Seal of Acceptance for fighting plaque and gingivitis. Listerine is the final step to ensuring a noticeably healthier mouth. Focusing on good oral care habits, and sticking to them, includes regular visits to your dentist, and a daily regimen of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with Listerine. The truth is that brushing reaches 25% of your mouth. Listerine® cleans 99.9% of germs that cause bad breath and plaque. The power of the rinse fights bad breath bacteria in your whole mouth, including on your teeth, tongue, and gums. Use Listerine mouthwash twice a day to reach its deep-clean effectiveness. After all, bad breath germs are in your mouth all day, every day, and rinsing twice a day provides 24-hour germ protection. For Listerine rinse to reach its full powerful potential, use as directed and rinse vigorously twice daily. Key Ingredients: Thymol Eucalyptol Methyl Salicylate Menthol

Key Benefits:

Prevent and reduce plaque and gingivitis Help prevent and reduce supragingival plaque accumulation Fights bad breath and kill germs between teeth Listerine has greater reach than brushing and flossing alone—with 100% teeth coverage, between teeth and along the gum line Directions For Use: For best effects, rinse thoroughly for 30 seconds with around 20 ml/ 4 teaspoonful of Listerine, morning and night. Do not swallow.

Safety Information:

Read the label carefully before use Keep out of reach of the children Store in a cool dry place The best dental regime would be to combine the use of Listerine Mouthwash with regular oral hygiene and dental check-ups


LISTERINE has been defining oral care since 1914, with brand scientists driving foundational research on the many powerful benefits of mouthwash in fighting plaque, protecting gums, building strong teeth, and delivering long-lasting fresh breath. LISTERINE Mouthwash has been used by more than one billion people in more than 85 countries and been awarded seals of acceptance by professional dental organisations around the globe. The LISTERINE Brand is part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies.

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