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Pura D`or Pure Organic Argan Oil Price In Pakistan From USA

Pura D`or Pure Organic Argan Oil Price In Pakistan From USA


Brand Pura D’or Argan Oil
Item Formoil
Delivery Time2-3 Buisness
Offer2x Rs9000
Imported FromUSA




Pura D`or Pure Organic Argan Oil Buy In Pakistan

Pura d'or Argan oil is Hollywood's Best Kept Secret. Now Available to the Public Organic Ceritifed by Ecocert through NOP. USDA Organic. Argan oil is also known as Liquid Gold due to it being the most expensive and rarest cosmetic oil today. In fact, that is the literal translation of our brand name Pura d'or. Pura means Pure and D'or means Gold. Pura d'or is Pure Gold, not only in words but in content: Get a bottle of this liquid gold argan oil today and you'll see for yourself! Benefits:-Anti-aging-Treat dry skin, eczema & psoriasis-Reduce facial blemishes-Reduce muscle pain-Reduce the appearance of scars-Effective moisturizer-Non oily, non-greasy & deep penetration-Reduce wrinkles-Treat dark circles under eyes-Mild anti-bacterial-Treat dry, brittle, frizzy & damaged hair-Protect from cold winds, pollutions & smoke Argan oil is all natural, cold pressed from the Argan tree native to South-western Morocco. No chemicals added and safe for all hair, skin and body types. It is a sharp contrast to the excessive chemical-rich cosmetic formulas found today in the market. DAILY PROTECTION: Common toxins such as pollution or sun exposure can cause further damage to skin and hair. Antioxidants from Argan Oil adds an extra layer of protection against environmental factors. SALON-LIKE TREATMENT: Argan Oil for hair locks in natural moisture by boosting superior hydration levels. Its penetrating vitamins tame frizzy, brittle hair from roots to ends, and balances hair oil production. SKIN NOURISHMENT: Helps reduce redness and skin irritation with its anti-aging properties. A non-comedogenic facial oil that is not too oily on the skin. VERSATILE MOISTURIZER: It's not just Argan Oil for the face but it works for your body too. The only and best moisturizer to treat your skin, face, hair, and nails to its softest and supplest conditions the way nature intended. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with our Argan Oil of Morocco, please contact us for a replacement or a FULL refund.

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