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Qarshi Laboob Kabir Price In Pakistan From USA

Qarshi Laboob Kabir  A generic herbal product having combination of potent aphrodisiac herbs used as treatment options to address a number of causes of infertility and subfertility through psycho-stimulation or empowering nervine functions and blood flow towards reproductive organs which results in improvement in reproductive health. Aftab Qarshi Laboob Kabeer Khas is specially prepared with decades of natural & herbal ingrediance . Laboob Kabeer Khas enhance sexual power , Laboob Kabeer Khas increases the semen viscosity & spem virility , Laboob Kabeer Khas is effective for cardio & nervous system , Laboob Kabeer Khas regulate the functions of kidney & bladder . Adult , 5mg( 1/2 teaspoon ) 2 times a day with milk or as the physician directed . Laboob Kabeer is a herbal tonic that restores sexual potency. It is compound of invaluable drugs. It redresses the disorders of the pituitary gland, increases the production of semen and gives strength to the kidneys. It has also an invigorating effect on the whole system. Thus it redresses general weakness and gives sexual potency. Laboob Kabir is well known compound of Islamic Tibb. Its regular use ensures to maintain youthfulness. An effective herbal remedy Effective for for sexual organs Enhances the production of seminal fluid Enhances sexual debility and improves the function of kidney and urinary bladder. A natural product


Laboob Kabir Is A Herbal Tonic That Restores Sexual Potency. It Is Compound Of Invaluable Drugs. It Redresses The Disorders Of The Pituitary Gland, Increases The Production Of Semen And Gives Strength To The Kidneys. It Has Also An Invigorating Effect On The Whole System. Thus It Redresses General Weakness And Gives Sexual Potency. Dosage: 10 Gm (1 Teaspoonful) Twice A Day With Milk.


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