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Shea Butter Foot Massage Exfoliating Cream Buy Online In Pakistan

Shea Butter Foot Massage Exfoliating Cream Buy Online In Pakistan


Item FormCream
Quantity180 g
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Offer2 Box Rs4000
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Shea Butter Foot Massage Exfoliating Cream Buy Online In Pakistan

Shea Butter Foot Massage Exfoliating Cream  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step Tender delicate feet. Love to the feet begins with a soft and gentle massage cream Cream with scrub particles helps gently cleanse the skin from dirt and horny layer. Gentle cleansing for delicate feet. Cream with massage particles helps to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Don't let your feet to lose their beauty. Foot care is necessary to avoid skin problems. Massage scrub-exfoliating cream for feet. 1. Mild herbal extracts. Due to the natural herbal extracts, the cream makes the skin soft and smooth. 2. Scrub particles. Light and natural exfoliating particles remove dirt and dead skin cells, leaving the skin clean. 3. Shea oil. Contains Shea oil, which moisturizes the skin and reduces the appearance of dryness. Pamper your feet with a gentle cleansing. Exfoliation for beauty feet skin. Massage foot scrub. Exfoliating cream. Pamper your beautiful skin with selected herbal ingredients. Soft cleansing scrub particles help to restore skin beauty by removing dirt and dead skin cells, and fruit oil improves the condition of dry skin, reduces the appearance of roughness. Powder from the rind of pecans. Pecans peel is very fine, used as a crushed powder, has good cleaning properties. Shea oil. The oil of the cores of the fruit of the Shea tree has a moisturizing effect, eliminates the problems of dry skin. Glycerol. Nourishes, moisturizes and smoothest the skin, enhances the absorption of nutrients. The charm and beauty of the feet and your self-confidence. Give your skin beauty with exfoliating cream. The beauty of well-maintained feet. A gentle cleansing cream-scrub, enriched with Shea butter improves the skin and protects against dehydration, at the same time cleansing the skin.


  • 100% brand new high quality!
  • Foot cream extract plant scrubs particles to cleanse foot dirt and help exfoliate gently.
  • Contains the essence of shea butter, it helps improve the dry and rough foot skin.
  • Nourish the feet skin, add moisture to the skin, owning tender and delicate feet.
  • Gentle plant formula, supply the water and nutrients needed by the foot skin, nourish the skin, gentle cleansing of the skin, give you a comfortable, smooth, soft, delicate and elastic feet.
  • Remove dead skin, beriberi, improve dry, chapped and old cocoon foot problems, care for the feet you walk every day.
  • Give yourself, give your family a warm start from the feet. Notably, the elderly need more attention.
  • Massage feet, soften cutin and exfoliating, accelerate the blood circulation of feet.

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