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Slim bio 100% Herbal Capsules Imported From China

Slim bio 100% Herbal Capsules Imported From China


BrandNatural Product Extraction
Item FormCapsules
Quantity30 capsules
Delivery Time1-2 Business Days
Package2 ItemsRs6000
Imported FromChina




Slim bio 100% Herbal Capsules Imported From China

Slim Bio Capsules In Pakistan Are Natural and safe slimming pills without side effects Slim Bio Capsules formula is made from Chinese herbs that have been used for thousands of years to promote beauty and weight loss. Natural and safe slimming pills without side effects! It works immediately to help suppress appetite and melt excess body fat. Only one pill a day and in 30 days you can see an amazing difference.

Slim Bio Capsules

Slim Bio Capsules is produced through modern technology with pure, natural plants which grow only in the "Kingdom of Green Vegetation," namely, Yunnan province in China, and which possess a magic slimming and beauty function that has been known by the people there for thousands of years.


  •  Natural & safe slimming Capsule
  •  Top Selling slimming pills
  •  Original slimming Capsule
  •  Slimming fast
  • Slimming product OEM available
  • . Helps to burn off excess body fat effectively in areas such as arms, stomach, legs, and waist.
  • Works fast with just 1 pill per day, you can lose anywhere from 2-5 lbs per week!
  •  Natural extracts are known to help increase fat loss and help you lose weight.
  • It Will does not make you feel speedy or jittery. No unwanted side effects.
  • Helps curb your appetite and hunger all day long.
  • Suggestions: Drink more water and eat more fruit.


3 box continuously, then stop for 1-2 months after reaching the proper weight, take 1 capsule every 2 or 3 days to keep the effect constant.


Gamboge fruit, apple Kiwi fruit, konjac extractive powder, sweet potato fiber.

Suitable Age:



350mg * 30 capsules


In airproof, cool, and dry condition

Usage & Dosage:

1 capsule per day (the best effect will be better when taking the capsule before breakfast)


not applicable for women in pregnancy or nursing period and patients of cardiovascular disease and apoplexy.

Shelf Life:

24 months

Improvements After taking Slim Bio Capsules can help towards:

  • Promote weight loss.
  • Blocking the production of fat.
  • Suppressing the appetite naturally.
  • Reduce food cravings.
  • Increased serotonin levels.
  • Blocking carbohydrates.

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