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Varikosette Legs Cream 100% Original Buy In Lahore Pakistan

Varikosette Legs Cream 100% Original Buy In Lahore Pakistan


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Varikosette Legs Cream 100% Original Buy In Lahore Pakistan

Varikosette Legs Cream – Special leg care product for venous diseases. Relieves tension in the legs (“heavy legs†syndrome), unpleasant sensations of “burningâ€. Thanks to the special tonic and strengthening troxirutin, as well as extracts of medicinal plants, it helps to improve microcirculation, fights against “spider veinsâ€. Soothes the skin, relieving irritation. Returns an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the feet. Easily spreads, absorbs instantly and leaves no stickiness.

Varikosette Legs Cream In Pakistan Benefits:

  • NO MORE HEAVY LEGS – If the ‘’heavy legs’’ feeling is familiar to you, this cream is made for you. It will refresh and revive tired legs, quickly removing discomfort.  
  •  STIMULATES BLOOD CIRCULATION  –  Due to the blood circulation promoting and swelling reducing actions of the Varikosette, your leg tiredness and heaviness will be relieved.  
  •  PROVIDES RELAXATION AND WELLNESS – Varikosette will give your legs a more relaxed and well feeling, this will motivate you to go out and have more fun or do more than just your daily activities.   
  • SPECIAL REVITALIZING COMPLEX  – The Varikosette contains Goldenrod, Lemon, Butcher’s broom and Aloe Vera extract, these ingredients have a revitalizing effect on your skin and will give your legs tightness and younger look.  
  •  WEAR YOUR FAVORITE SKIRT OR SHORTS AGAIN – We want you to have confidence in your favourite skirt or shorts, while showing those beautiful legs off. Varikosette can give your legs a new fresh look, that will give you that confidence that you needed!

How to use Varikosette Cream:

Apply to clean skin, moving from bottom to top from feet to thighs. Can be applied several times a day (2-3), independently or combined with external medications.


Effectively eliminates the manifestations of varicose veins; Improves blood microcirculation; Dissolves vascular networks and blood clots; Gives a feeling of lightness and freshness in the legs; Relieves swelling and cramps.

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