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Versus Garcinia Green Coffee Extract Buy In Pakistan From USA

Versus Garcinia Green Coffee Extract Buy In Pakistan From USA


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Versus Garcinia Green Coffee Extract Buy In Pakistan From USA

Garcinia and Green Coffee fusion is an answer to all your questions related to weight loss. Various studies have widely documented how weight (being overweight, underweight or obese) plays a significant role in increasing health problems and adversely affects the quality of life. Out of all the weight-related issues, obesity is the number one contributing factor for causing health problems. To overcome this factor, a trial was conducted where a drug 'Lite plus’ (Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee bean) was given to a select number of people for a period of three months. Materials and Methods: 'Lite Plus' is a drug which contains Garcinia cambogia 500 mg + Green Coffee Bean Extract 400 mg, with a recommended dosage of 2 tablets/day with or before meals for 3 months. Most of the patients included in our study were females suffering from obesity-related problems such as PCOs and Infertility. During the trial, all patients were given the recommended dosage of 'Lite plus', while those with diabetes had the dose amended accordingly. Results: As a result of this trial, it was found that the use of 'Lite Plus' was very effective in decreasing weight/BMI with continuous use. After 6 weeks, out of the 250 respondents participating in the trial, 232 got a reduction in their BMI, and after 12 weeks (end of the trial), 29 respondents (11.6%) reached the desired level of BMI. Conclusion: Garcinia cambogia and Green Coffee bean are effective and safe in weight reduction. OVERVIEW Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit and Green Coffee is well known for its properties in weight management. Now save yourself from unnecessary binge, and let the fusion of hydroxycitric acid and chlorogenic acid help you in burning fats through increased metabolism. BENEFITS STAY FIT Increased metabolism helps you in weight management and at the same time expels oxidative stress from your body. CUT DOWN ON FAT A synergistic mix of acids lets you burn unnecessary fats by targeting the enzyme that puts up the extra fat. BON APPETITE A healthy diet is achieved when you get past your unhealthy cravings and binge eating. Give yourself another chance by suppressing appetite through increase in serotonin levels. Remember, it’s the doing of Garcinia fruit. BURN THE BUTS This product makes no excuse. It improves the glucose levels and fatty acid metabolism which burns your fat at a faster pace.

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