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Wild Growth Hair Oil

Wild Growth Hair Oil


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Wild Growth Hair Oil In Pakistan

Wild Growth Hair Oil In Pakistan - This hair growth oil is great. I've been using it for almost 4 months now and have noticed a significant change in the health of my hair. I'm an AA woman with thick type 3C/4A hair that is prone to breakage. I can never seem to grow my hair because my ends get so brittle and break easily. I basically started looking online for something to help with breakage. I came across an ad for Wild Growth Hair Oil, and read a bunch of reviews and videos. I decided to take a chance and see if it would work for me. Pros: Oil is lightweight, and doesn't weigh my hair down. You start seeing results with consistent usage. Lots of natural oils in the ingredients. Can be used on wet or dry hair.I have been using Wild Growth Hair Oil for a few months now and it has helped regrow my edges! I was a bit skeptical at first but now I am a believer! This stuff really works and I am glad my sister referred me to this product. Cons: According to the directions, you will need to use this product consistently.

Wild Growth Hair Oil Uses

Start once a week, then gradually go to 3x a week. The product does have a "medicated" smell to it. Fortunately for me, I've dealt with dandruff my whole life, so strong shampoos, scalp oils, etc. don't bother me. One thing I did to lessen the smell and help it stick to my dry scalp/hair, was to mix it with real Jamaican black castor oil. I am so glad she reminded me that this product exists. I remember my mom using this hair oil when I was a kid. She stopped using it because she didn't like the smell. After all these years, yep, it still has that smell. For the first time in my life, I am experiencing Alopecia Areata. When I looked up the cause I was guilty of it all: Not sleeping well, stressed, & not taking my multivitamins on the regular as my doctor recommended. My iron levels were probably low because I am also Anemic. I was working so much that for a brief moment, I wasn't taking care of myself. I even made matters worse by getting a tight protective style which caused the Alopecia to spread a little. Currently, I am back on track. I am back taking my multivitamin that also has an extra dose of Biotin in it. I am getting plenty of rest, and I am working my regular shift instead of working a ton of extra hours. I feel great! Attached to this review I have shared a photo to showcase my progress.

Wild Growth Hair Oil Benefits

With its unwaveringly rich plant-based recipe, Wild Growth Hair Oil hydrates, nourishes, and softens hair for easier maintenance. Hair that is dry, tangled, and difficult to maintain will become softer, healthier, and less prone to breakage and split ends. For all hair types, the hair oil encourages robust, thick hair development.

  • Promotes Hair Growth: This is the primary claim of Wild Growth Hair Oil. It's said to stimulate hair follicles and promote faster hair growth.
  • Reduces Hair Loss: The oil is also claimed to help reduce hair shedding and breakage, leading to thicker and fuller hair.
  • Softens and Detangles Hair: The oil's moisturizing properties can help soften and detangle hair, making it easier to manage.
  • Stretches Relaxers: This benefit is specific to relaxed hair and claims to help relaxers last longer and reduce breakage.

Wild Growth Hair Oil Side Effects

This is the most common side effect, manifesting as redness, itching, burning, or flaking. It can be due to individual sensitivity to one or more ingredients in the oil.

  • Redness.
  • Itching.
  • Burning sensation.
  • Hives.
  • Nasal and eye irritation.

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