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Ylang Ylang Oil Price In Pakistan

Ylang Ylang Oil Price In Pakistan


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Ylang Oil Price In Pakistan

Ylang Ylang Oil is a yellow, star-shaped flower that grows on the Cananga tree (Cananga odorata). This tropical species is native to countries surrounding the Indian Ocean, such as India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and parts of Australia. Ylang ylang's heady, aromatic scent is fruity, flowery, and rich. The flower is used to make several types of essential oil, via steam distillation. The oils vary in the intensity of their scent. Ylang ylang extra is the most potent essential oil derived from the flower. This oil is often used as a top note in perfumes, such as Chanel Number Five. The less potent essential oils are used as medium-to-base notes in perfume, and to make products such as cologne, lotion, food flavoring, and soap. The subtlest form of is often known as Cananga oil.

How to use ylang ylang

Ylang ylang can be mixed with a carrier oil, and used for dry skin care and for massage. It can also be rubbed on the scalp to promote oil production and reduce dryness. Since ylang ylang is irritating for some people, always do a patch test first and wait 24 hours before using.

  • Always dilute it. To use topically, add one drop of essential oil for each teaspoon of carrier oil.
  • Store properly. Store in an opaque, glass container in a cool, dark place.
  • Use and monitor its quality. Ylang ylang has a long shelf life, so you can make several batches to store for a year, or longer. However, never use an oil that has expired or smells rancid.
  • Use with water in an oil diffuser. Ylang ylang can also be inhaled as an aromatherapy treatment by using in a room diffuser.

How does it work ?

Ylang oil contains chemicals that might make people feel calm.

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