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Moov Cream Buy In Pakistan

Moov Cream - Back pain results due to strain, fatigue and stress. It can occur while doing everday tasks like lifting heavy objects, twisting, bending & wrong posture at work or home. Your trusted back pain specialist. Moov is fortified with the power of "Nilgin Oil" Moov penetrates deep inside, produces warmth and helps your recover fast. Moov is 100% natural ayuredic preparation. It's fast pain relief formula relaxes the muscles and provides fast relief. Regular exercise and continuation of your normal activites ensure faster recovery.

Moov Cream Price In Pakistan

  • Never lift anything with your legs straight.
  • Always bend your knees when lifting.
  • Avoid high heels as they may strain muscles.
  • Sleep on surface which relaxes your back muscles.
  • Do exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

Key Benefits Of Moov Cream:

  • Reduces irritation and swelling around the affected area
  • The mint leaves gives a cooling effect to the pain and treats the sore muscles and relieves joint aches
  • Turpentine Oil helps to relieve pain from underneath the tissue and relaxes the muscles
  • Eucalyptus Oil in the moove cream provides a soothing warmth and makes it an excellent massage cream for joint pain
  • Contains a unique fast absorption formula that allows it work quickly and get rid of pain

Use: Back pain, joint pains, inflammation, sprains, strains, myositis, fibrositis and sciatica. Instructions: Spread two pulpfuls of Moov on the affected area to from a thin tilm. Massage gently to facilitate penetration. Dry fomentation could precede or follow application of Moov. Consult doctor if indicated symptoms persist.

  • A proprietary ayurvedic medicine
  • For external use only
  • Soothing fragrance
  • Replace cap tightly

Manufactured By: Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd Country of Origin: Product of India Product Weight: 0.88 OZ (25 Grams) Storage Instruction: Keep in cool and dry place. Package: Box

Key Ingredients

Turpentine Oil, Nilgiri Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Mint Extract.

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